Sunday, September 30, 2012


You know who you are. You're the kid who's always on the far left of the back row, the one who's  taller than the teacher, they make you stand on the floor rather than the bleachers, and still you're in the back row. You're the one who knows who the bad guy is in the first fifteen minutes of the movie, but you've learned to keep your mouth shut, your friends don't appreciate your wisdom. You can drink all night and never get drunk, all while looking tiny and delicate, you watch your date try to keep up until he's barely able to walk. You're like us.

We're outliers. Join Portuguese Artists Colony in our special, all-Colonist Litquake show, as part of the beautiful, wordy chaos of the Lit Crawl.

Tim Bauer
Leslie Ingham
Shanthi Sekaran
Cary Tennis

Hosted by Caitlin Myer

Saturday,  October 13
Phase 3, 8:30-9:30
Revolution Cafe
3248 22nd St., San Francisco