Sunday, November 28, 2010


We're haunted by you. You've invaded our dreams, you drag behind us like the chains of our sins. You sit beside us at dinner and ruin our appetite. You overturn the dishes and leave clumps of earth in the sheets.

And we want more.

Featuring guest readers:
Tamim Ansary is a writer, lecturer, editor, and teacher based in San Francisco.  Ansary directs the San Francisco Writer’s Workshop, teaches sporadically through the Osher Institute,  and writes fiction and nonfiction about Afghanistan, Islam-and-the-West, democracy, education, history, current events, social issues, his cat, and other topics as they come up.
Clint Talbert is adept at doing things he never intends to do.  He's completed four novels, three of which were intended to be short stories.  He spends most daylight hours at Mozilla doing programming, which is a profession he never intended to pursue. If he could stop intending to publish one of these novels, he's sure he could land a deal.

Live music from Dawn Oberg.

Live writing is back!
Vote on a prompt as you enter the show, and four writers will write on the winning topic while you watch them sweat, swear, and get inspired. Each writer will read what he wrote, and you get to vote on which piece you'd like to see developed into a finished story/poem/rant to be read at the next PAC performance.

Four writers compete, and one will emerge victorious.
W. Ross Ayers
Andrew O. Dugas
Daniel Heath
Cary Tennis 

Plus, readings from Colonists:
Leslie Ingham
Caitlin Myer (reading her story developed from September's live writing)
Benjamin Wachs 

Join us Sunday, November 28
Fivepoints Arthouse
72 Tehama
One block south of Howard at 2nd Street
San Francisco
Specialty cocktails starting at 4:30 pm
Show at 5:00 pm