Sunday, May 27, 2012

Take your medicine

You've had it coming for a while. Your wife asked about the smell on you when you crept in between the sheets last night, you'd hoped she wouldn't notice. Just that, her voice coming calm out of the dark, and it was clear she knew. She turned her back on you to sleep, but you can't, you'll lie awake all night.

Man up with Portuguese Artists Colony on May 27 at Hotel Rex. We'll hold your hand in the grim morning-after light.

Featuring guest readers:
Local singer Songwriter David Berkeley wrote most of the songs from his latest album Some Kind of Cure while living in a 40-person village in the mountains of Corsica. He also penned a memoir called 140 Goats and a Guitar, which tells the stories that inspired those songs.

Jane Ganahl has been a journalist, author, editor and arts producer in San Francisco for 30 years. She is the co-founder and co-director of Litquake, the West Coast’s largest independent literary festival. She is also the author of the memoir Naked on the Page: the Misadventures of My Unmarried Midlife.

Plus! We have two live writing winners:
Actual Portuguese-American Linette Escobar won March's live writing with the prompt, "She craved nachos."

"Not-a-writer" Kevin Hunsanger returns with his winning piece about a hoarder from February's show.

Live music from the wonderful Erma Kyriakos. Listen to her songs here, and watch for the full-length album!

Live writing:
Vote on a prompt as you enter the show, and four writers will write on the winning topic while you watch them sweat, swear, and get inspired. Each writer will read what he/she wrote, and you get to vote on which piece you'd like to see developed into a finished story/poem/rant to be read at the next PAC performance. It's a thrill - place your bets now!

Julie Greicius
Douglas Henderson
Ira Marlowe
Ethel Rohan

Sunday, May 27
Hotel Rex
562 Sutter Street
In the Salon, just behind the Library Bar
San Francisco
Show at 5:00 pm