Sunday, February 26, 2012

I can't hear you

Baby, I can't hear you, she says. You try again, but your words get mangled along the way. There's too much interference, too many years, betrayals, the gap between your pickup basketball game in Chicago and her Kyoto classroom unbridgeable. You open your mouth and all she hears is static, sirens, the thwack of knuckle on cheek. You want to say love, Baby, love, but it turns to roadkill in her ear.

Join Portuguese Artists Colony at our new location, the Hotel Rex, on February 26 to get the message straight.

Featuring guest readers:
Kelly Luce's story collection received the San Francisco Foundation’s Jackson Award and was a finalist for the 2010 Bakeless Prize. Her fiction has recently appeared in The Southern Review, Crazyhorse, and Kenyon Review. This summer she’ll be a resident at Fogo Island Arts Corporation in Newfoundland.

Peter Orner is the author of three books of fiction, including Esther Stories, The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo, and the recently published novel, Love and Shame and Love, a New York Times Editor's Choice book. He lives in Bernal Heights and is generally against colonization, except in circumstances such as these.

PLUS! Geetha Reddy's winning play from last month's live writing, inspired by the prompt: The restaurant served only meat.

Live music from The Barbary Ghosts

Live writing:
Vote on a prompt as you enter the show, and four writers will write on the winning topic while you watch them sweat, swear, and get inspired. Each writer will read what he/she wrote, and you get to vote on which piece you'd like to see developed into a finished story/poem/rant to be read at the next PAC performance. The live writing gets more exciting with every show. Place your bets!

Katrin Arefy
Kevin Hunsanger
Ira Marlowe
Don Menn

Sunday, February 26
Hotel Rex
562 Sutter Street
In the Salon, just behind the Library Bar
San Francisco
Show at 5:00 pm