Monday, April 26, 2010

Easter Bunny, Bad Indians, Impertinent Bubblebaths exhort you to Love!

Portuguese Artists Colony had an Identity Crisis.

In a single evening: we lived in God time, loved those who piss on our doorstep, sued our teachers for mercy, went on an Indian raid, threatened the Easter Bunny, and stood by each other as we fell in love.

Pocket Full of Rye got up inside us and moved us to stamp our feet and clap our hands. Damion Searls, Benjamin Wachs, Leslie Ingham and Caitlin Myer took us out of ourselves and into places we never imagined. And Cary Tennis played his guitar while we sang about the Big Wheel we all ride.

We all ride the big wheel, man. And it will turn around to bring us back for another performance on Sunday, May 23.

We're shining it up, just for you.