Want to read with Portuguese Artists Colony? Please send us your work! Email your submissions to

We accept fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, screenplays, rants, and more. If it is words written to be read aloud, we accept it.

Short is good. Under ten minutes is particularly good.

If you want to submit for a particular show/theme, please send it in at least five weeks before that show, and mention in your email which show/theme it is intended for. See the list of upcoming shows here.

Interested in live writing? Let us know!

Please send your work in Word, text or in the body of the email. 

How it works:

Submissions are anonymous. We don't want to know where you've published, what you've won, or if you've been touted on the cover of Time Magazine as a Great American Novelist.

Your submissions go to a disinterested party who will remain anonymous. Our anonymous anonymizer cannot be bribed! Not even with good scotch. But you are welcome to try.

Our disinterested party will remove your name from your submission, and forward it to the members of the Colony. The Colony will read the work and accept or reject it, at which time you will hear from us. We are slow readers at times, so we may not get back to you for a few weeks.

Thank you for submitting your work to the Colony!